FIFA Soccer 10 Wii Preview -
Bring on the Beautiful Game

FIFA Soccer 10 for the Wii is shaping up nicely for its release in October. This year's version of the "beautiful game" has been completely rebuilt, with all new gameplay and graphics.

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The Wii version of this soccer game will give players a fast, action-packed arcade style experience, as opposed to the realistic soccer simulation game on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. The game's publisher Electronic Arts have specifically gone out to create a unique game experience that many Wii owners are looking for.

The art style in FIFA 10 reinforces the arcade experience with animated, cartoon-like player models, and bright colour palettes on the team kits and stadiums.

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This year's gameplay has also been created especially for the Wii and the main feature of this year's game is called Momentum.

Every time your team has possession of the ball, a Momentum bar begins to fill on the screen. Once the bar is full, you’ll be able to activate special action screens when taking a shot at goal.

During these special action screens, the game goes into slow motion mode, the screen blurs and the camera zooms onto your player as he takes his shot. Shooting at goal with a full momentum bar also makes your shots more powerful, and gives you a better chance of scoring.

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The Momentum bar is presumably designed to encourage players to keep possession of the ball, pass it around, and get their team playing "beautiful" football. Following this approach will reward players with greater goal scoring chances and more satisfying gameplay.

The Wii remote controller is also used for both attacking and defending during the game. When taking penalty kicks and free kicks just outside the penalty area, you'll need to shake your Wii remote at just the right time to take the perfect free kick. When defending against free kicks you'll need to shake your Wii remote at just the right time to block the kick.

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FIFA Soccer 10 will also include two-on-two online multiplayer, letting two friends play with and against each other any time, any place. A lot of work has gone into the online modes to fix the problems with last year's game. Two-on-two mode is new to FIFA on the Wii, and is an exciting feature of this year's game.

The game is due for release in most countries on the 2nd October 09 and in North America on the 20th October 09.


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