Mini Ninjas Preview

Mini Ninjas is an animated adventure game that’s perfect for young and older gamers alike. The game follows ninja heroes Hiro, Futo and Kuzume as they travel across feudal Japan to save the world from the brink of disaster.

mini ninjas

The Evil Samurai Warlord has magically transformed the forest animals into an evil Samurai army, and it's up to Hiro and his band of little ninjas to stop them!

Mini Ninjas takes a fresh approach to action adventure games with its cartoon style, non-violent fight scenes, and quirky sense of humour.

You can play as any one of 6 different characters as you explore through villages, forests, castles, dungeons and temples. Combat action is fun with combination moves and magic potions to defeat your enemies. Combat is also non-violent with Samurai enemies turning back into forest creatures and dashing away when you beat them.

Each hero has their own special abilities to help them defeat the evil Samurais. Hiro is the leader of the pack, with the ability to use Kuji magic and change into animal form to hide from enemies and sniff out magic potions.

The climax of the game is the Fortress of Doom where a long and challenging battle with the Evil Samurai Warlord awaits the ninja heroes in the ultimate fight to save the world from chaos.

Mini Ninjas is due for release in North America on 8th September 09, the UK and PAL countries on 11th September 09, and France and Germany on 9th October 09.

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