A Wii Locator Website can Help You
Find a Wii Console in Seconds

A Wii locator website is gold when you're looking to buy a Wii console but don't want to spend hours trawling around the internet.

A Wii locator scans the websites of all the major online stores every few minutes and tells you which stores have a Wii console in stock, together with the price. If there's a Wii console in stock, these guys will find it!

A great feature of these websites is that you can sign up to get alerts as soon as they find Wii consoles in stock (either through a pop up screen on your computer, by email, or through a RSS feed on your Google or Yahoo home page).

Here are some of the best Wii locator websites on the net (please note that these sites will open in a new window when you click on them)...

Wii Tracker.com is a popular website that searches all of the best known online stores in the US. The website automatically tells you which stores have stock and the price of the console at each store.

Setting up alerts at Wii Tracker.com though is finicky and only recommended if you're familiar with setting up a RSS feed. If you're not looking to get alerts and only want to use the search screen, then Wii Tracker.com searches a good selection of online stores.

XP Bargains.com is another recommended site that searches a huge range of well known electronics and toy stores in the US.

Their Wii tracker page shows you all of the retailer search results, but they only have a RSS feed alert system. If you don’t know how to set up RSS feeds on your favourite internet news page, then unfortunately you won't be able to get alerts from this site because they don't have an email or pop-up alert system.

Nintendo Wii Stockists.com lets you search for Wii consoles at both US online stores and UK online stores. This is a UK-based site so it searches all of the best UK online stores, but doesn't do such a good job with the US stores. In the US, it only searches Gamestop, Buy.com and Circuit City.

A real plus with the Nintendo Wii Stockists site is the easy to use alerts system. You can choose to get a pop up screen on your computer, an alarm sound or an email alert whenever they find a Wii console in stock.

Wii Consoles.co.uk is a really good Wii tracker for online stores in the UK. It searches for Wii availability at all the well known online retailers, and even searches Wii stockists I didn't even know existed.

On the Wii Consoles.co.uk site, a little pop up tells you when Wii stock has been found. If you prefer to get an email alert when the website finds Wii consoles in stock, you can easily sign up for these on the home page.

A Wii locator is one way to find a Nintendo Wii console, go to the main "How to Find a Wii" page to get more helpful hints.

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