How to Buy Games and Software
Instantly from the Wii Shop Channel

The Wii Shop Channel is the official shop for buying downloadable games and software for your Wii console. All Wii Shop items are downloaded directly to your console, so it's quick and you don't need to wait for delivery in the post.

The Wii Shop is part of the main Wii Menu so you can access it straight from your Wii console.

To use the Wii Shop you need to be connected to the internet and the WiiConnect24 service. If you still need to set up your Wii internet connection, click here for step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Wii to the internet.

To use the Wii Shop, go to the Wii Menu and choose the Wii Shop Channel to enter the store…

The Wii Shop is organised into three categories, which makes it really easy to find the items you're looking for.

  1. Wii Virtual Console games are games from previous Nintendo consoles like the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube. These games have been remade to work on the Wii. If you've owned a Nintendo console before, and you're dying to play some of those old classic games, there's a good chance you can buy them as Wii Virtual Console games in the Shop.
  2. Wiiware games are new games made especially for the Wii, and are only available from the Wii Shop. These games usually make really good use of the Wii mote controller's motion sensor to make them fun and just a little bit different.
  3. Wii Channels are software programs that add functionality to the Wii console. An example is the Wii Internet Channel that lets you surf the web from your console. Some Wii channels are free to download (like the News Channel and Weather Channel) but other channels you'll need to pay for (like the Internet Channel).

When doing your Wii shopping, the Wii Shop doesn't let you pay using a credit card. Instead of money, the Wii Shop charges for items using Wii points. Prices range from 500 points and go up to 1,500 points. Before you can buy games and software, you'll need to buy Wii points and add them to your Shop account first.

A cool feature of the Wii Shop is the new Gift Feature. This lets you buy a game or channel in the Shop, and send it directly to a friend's Wii console as a gift. They'll get a personalised message when they turn on their Wii and they can download their present immediately.

Other than games and channels, the Wii Shop also has videos and game demos, most of which are free to download and enjoy. Simply click on them, and they'll download straight to your console. With the WiiConnect24 service, they'll even download after you turn off your console.

Nintendo releases Virtual Console games, Wiiware games, channels, videos and game demos into the Wii Shop Channel every week. It's well worth visiting regularly to see what's new and to get your fix of Wii shopping!

The Wii Shop Channel is just one of the great features of the Wii. Learn more about the Wii console from the Wii Explained main page.

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