Wii Wireless Sensor Bar -
Take Away The Clutter of Wires

The Wii Wireless sensor bar is an extra accessory that you can buy if you don't want to have extra wires running around your TV. The Wii does come boxed with a Wii sensor bar but it plugs into the console using wires.

The Wii sensor bar is a critical part of the Wii console. The Wii sensor picks up the movements of the Wii remote controller during a game, and sends this information to the Wii console.

Using a wireless sensor bar means less wires floating around the back of your TV. With the Wii's power cable and audiovisual cable, you'll probably have enough wires running around back there.

Wii wireless sensor bar

If you don't like wires criss-crossing all over, then buying a Wii wireless sensor bar may be a good idea. Instead of connecting to the Wii console using wires, the wireless sensor bar runs on batteries.

The sensor bar is a thin, flat plastic strip that sits either on top of or below your TV. I would recommend the wireless sensor bar to anyone with loads of wires running behind their TV, hates wires behind their TV, or takes their Wii console with them to play at friends.

If you take your Wii often to play at friends or on holiday, then the Wireless sensor bar may be a good idea. It's easy to take with you without having to plug and unplug it all the time.

The official Nintendo wireless sensor bar is a good quality bar, but Madcatz, Logic3 and Nyko do really funky wireless bars too.

The Madcatz wireless bar also comes with a wire, so you can choose whether to use it with or without the wire. For people who take their console with them, using the wire at home and wirelessly at friends is a good way to travel wirelessly while saving on batteries at home!

The regular Wii sensor bar that comes boxed with the Wii console is perfect for those who don't mind an extra wire running behind the TV. For those who hate the "power station" look in their living rooms though, the Wii Wireless sensor bar is the recommended solution.

The Wii wireless sensor bar is one part of the Wii, learn more about the great Wii experience in the Wii Explained section

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