Lego Video Games for the Wii -
A Galaxy Full of Fun!

The Lego video games for the Wii bring together some of our all-time favourite movies, and an iconic toy that most of us have played with as kids.

By bringing together our love of great story telling with our love of playing, these Lego video games have been a huge hit with gamers of all ages and skill levels.

There are currently 3 games in the Lego series…

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (return to list of topics)

The Wii Star Wars video game has all the well loved (and well hated) characters from the complete Star Wars series.

The game plays through the story of the battle between the Jedi Knights and the Empire, covering all 6 movies.

Each movie is an episode in the game, so Episode 1 in the game plays out the story from the Star Wars Episode 1 movie. You can play through the episodes in any order you like. This is a great feature because you can play your favourite stories first.

All the characters from the Star Wars movies are here. Instead of people or animations though, everything is made from Lego. It's as if someone created the set of Star Wars from a real Lego set.

Star Wars Lego video gamesLego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars plays really well, and the graphics are great. You have the option of using the Wii mote's sensor function to swing your lightsabre around. If you don't fancy doing this, you can simply use the Wii mote as a normal controller, using the direction pads and buttons to control your character's actions and movement.

If you use the Wii mote, you'll have some good fun swinging your controller around like a real sword. A realistic lightsabre sound even comes out of the Wii mote's speakers, and adds to the experience.

For Star Wars fans, Wii Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a great game, with a twist on the original Star Wars concept. In addition to playing through the 6 episodes, there are loads of different mini-game challenges to play through.

Playing through the game unlocks characters that you can use to replay any of the episodes.

Replaying episodes is a fun challenge because the game opens up new areas and levels that are closed off the first time you play through the game. This gives you an extra challenge and gives you hours of extra entertainment value.

Lego Star Wars Wii is highly recommended for its long hours of play, great controls, fun concept and pure originality.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (return to list of topics)

Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii is the great adventure story in the Lego video games series. Like the Lego Star Wars game, the Indiana Jones Lego game follows Indy through all three of the Indy films.

All the characters from the 3 films are here in all their Lego-piece glory. Even made from Lego, the settings are cool, and add a great feel to the game.

Although Lego Indiana Jones Wii has fewer episodes to play through than Star Wars, there is great replay value in these episodes.

It's really fun playing each level again, trying to find all the hidden treasure. Playing through the game unlocks new characters that you'll need to play with if you want to get to the treasure, so there's plenty of incentive to play through the game more than once.

Indian Jones Lego video gamesLego Indiana Jones

The game uses the Wii mote's sensor functionality. You can swing the Wii mote around to activate Indy's whip or shake the Wii mote to throw a few punches at the bad guys.

If you prefer to use a normal controller though, you can simply use the Wii mote's buttons together with the nunchuck controller to play the game.

The game's multiplayer mode works really well too. Friends can jump in and out of the game whenever they're around. This little feature lets you play part of the game on your own, and part of the game with someone else.

A final cool feature of the game is the ability to create your own characters by mixing and matching different Lego body parts. Who says you're too old to enjoy building with Lego!

Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii is another great game in the Lego video games series. The characters are great, the story's fun and the game play is a real adventure.

Lego Batman: The Video Game (return to list of topics)

Lego Batman makes blocks of our favourite caped crusader and his trusty sidekick Robin, in the third game of the Lego video games series for the Wii.

Unlike the Star Wars and Indiana Jones versions though, Lego Batman doesn't follow any of the movies. Instead, the game follows Batman and his insane band of enemies as they battle for supremacy in Gotham City.

While Batman fans are perhaps more used to seeing the darker side of their superhero and his playground, Gotham City, the Lego version of events are a little lighter.

Lego Batman takes place over 6 episodes…

In the first three episodes you'll play as Batman and Robin trying desperately to stop the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze from taking over Gotham City.

To help you beat the bad guys, both Batman and Robin have a range of special suits. Wearing these suits gives you a special ability, like walking up walls, to help you get the better of your foes.

In the last three episodes you'll get to play as the bad guys...

In a clever twist, these three episodes are a replay of the first three, but now you'll play as Batman's arch enemies. In playing the bad guys you'll get to put your grand plan together to beat the Batman. It's a twist that makes the game just a little more intriguing, and lets you test your madness against one of the best superheroes in the business!

If you're a Batman fan or love comic books, then you'll get a kick out of Lego Batman. It's a shame that it doesn't have any Wii mote sensor controls because this would definitely make the game more appealing to a wider audience.

Nonetheless, the Lego video games formula that has made the Wii Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego video games so popular is all here. Although it doesn't have the same charm as the Star Wars or Indiana Jones versions, if you're looking for an adventure game that's fun and has an interesting twist, then you'll enjoy Lego Batman.

I'm convinced that half the fun of playing these Lego video games comes from the fun we had building Lego towns and characters when we were young. These video games bring our childhood play dates to life and let us re-live some of the best adventures we had as kids.

The Lego video games are addictive adventure games that are well worth a close look, but if you don't think they're right for you, you can find more games in our Wii Games section.

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