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While the Nintendo Wii has lots of cool features to talk about, the Wii games are the reason this console is such a smash hit!

There's a huge range of games for all ages and interests, and for all levels of gaming experience. Don't worry if you've never played video games seriously before. There are lots of games and most are really easy to jump into.

To help you choose games quickly, and to make choosing games less confusing, I review only the best games on the market.

Dozens of games are released every year. Some are great, some are really good, and some are a real waste of time. To make choosing games as easy as possible for you, I only publish my personal reviews of the games that are really popular in the charts, or have received critical acclaim in the press.

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Whether you're looking for a game that's perfect for the whole family to play, a music game to rock out to with your best friends, games for the kids, or the latest sports game, you'll find an honest, independent review of all the best games right here.

If you're in a rush or don't quite know what you're looking for, why not go to one of these theme pages (or read on to find the specific games you're looking for)...

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  • Lego Video Games – The Lego series turns famous action movies into video games - and all the characters and sets in the game are made entirely from Lego! The Lego video games have become a true smash hit.

With the Wii you'll never get bored of the games. There are lots of party games that your friends (of all ages!) will love. No more dull Saturday nights at home – these games will turn any night in into an instant party!

The Wii's games are all about fun and friends, and this makes them perfect for family entertainment. With the Wii the emphasis is on playing together, and it's not all about winning. What a great way to bring your family and friends together for some quality time.

Now go on and find the perfect Wii games for you!

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