Wii Sports is the Perfect Game for the Wii

wii sportsWii Sports is the great game that comes packaged in the Wii console box. It's also the biggest selling video game in history because of the Wii's success.

When you get home and tear open your white box, this will be the first game you play. It will also be a while before you play anything else.

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Number of Players:
1 - 4

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Game Summary:
Wii Sports comes with 5 games on the disc, and all of them are pure fun. This is probably the first game you'll play with all your mates and it does a brilliant job of selling all of the Wii's great features. A few hours with this game is enough to get anyone addicted to the Wii!

What I Loved About this Game

Nintendo have been very clever to include Wii Sports with the Wii console. Besides being highly addictive, the game teaches players how to use the Wii remote and nunchuck controllers, and is a great introduction to what the Wii has to offer. I don't know how many friends have gone out to buy the Wii after playing this game at my house!

The disc has five different sports games, so there's guaranteed to be something for you on there. The games are...

  • Wii Tennis
  • Wii Baseball
  • Wii Golf
  • Wii Bowling
  • Wii Boxing

Wii tennis
Wii Tennis

Even if you don't like sports, the fun you'll have with the Wii's controllers will make you forget that they're even sports games.

Each game requires a slightly different skill, and this is how you learn to use the controllers.

In Wii Tennis, you'll hit backhands and forehands, serves and smashes against your opponent. The tennis game teaches you how to time your movements with the Wiimote controller in order to hit the ball. It also teaches you how to move the controller in different directions to perform different types of actions.

Wii Golf doesn't take timing to hit the ball, but you do need to change the amount you swing the controller depending on how far you want to hit the ball. The further you're trying to hit the ball, the more you need to swing the controller. Going for a little chip onto the green and you'll need to give the controller a small, controlled shake instead.

Wii golf
Wii Golf

What makes this game so addictive is that it's the first time you'll feel so "inside" the action. It's not exactly like being out on the tennis court or the golf course, but it does give you a real feeling of being in the thick of the action.

Out of all 5 games, the boxing is my favourite! Holding the Wiimote in one hand and the nunchuck in the other, you have to punch your opponent until you knock him down - and without him hitting you back. It's like being in a boxercise aerobics class, and you'll end up pretty exhausted at the end of a few rounds!

What I Didn't Love About this Game

My only complaint about Wii Sports is that it's too short!

Because it's a taster game designed to get you hooked (and teach you how to use the controllers while you're at it, of course), each game is quite short to play.

Wii tennis is only best of 1, 3 or 5 games, Wii golf is only 9 holes (of the same course), and a Wii boxing match is only 3 rounds. Wii bowling is a full round of 10 frames, but that's about the only full sports match on offer.

Wii baseballWii bowling
Wii BaseballWii Bowling

Overall Recommendation

Even though each sport is not a complete match, Wii Sports easily goes down as a video games classic. It's addictive, it's great to play with mates, and it's great FUN.

With its place in the record books as the best selling video game of all time, this is one game you'll play over and over again before moving on!

Wii Sports is already a classic game and comes free with the Wii. You can find more great games in the Wii Games section.

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