Super Mario Galaxy Shoots for the Stars

Super Mario Galaxy BoxMario Bros games have been one of the most popular video games series since the 1980s.

Super Mario Galaxy is a fresh new episode in this series that makes great use of the new Wii system. Don't worry if you've never played a Mario Bros game before though, you don't need any previous experience to enjoy this one.

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Travel through space to rescue Princess Peach and restore the power of the Stars to save the universe. Super Mario Galaxy is a superb adventure game for all ages that proves once again why Mario is one of the most lovable video game characters around. The graphics, the music and the Wii controllers are superb, and the game is designed to give you hours and hours of playing time.

What I Loved About This Game

The Mushroom Kingdom is home to Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, and a host of other friendly (and not so friendly) characters. Previous games in the Mario Bros series have taken Mario on adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Galaxy is the first of these classic Mario adventure games for the Wii console. To mark Mario's first appearance on the Wii, this episode of the series has a new setting in Outer Space.

When Princess Peach is kidnapped during the centennial Star Festival, Mario has to travel across the galaxy to rescue her. With the help of Rosalina, the Watcher of the Stars, and her companions, called Lumas, Mario travels through a series of galaxies collecting power stars that help him find Princess Peach and, ultimately, save the day.

Mario in SpaceRosalina
One Giant Leap for MarioRosalina, Watcher of the Stars

The game uses crisp, bright animations that both kids and adults will love. The characters don't physically talk to each other, so you'll need to read the subtitles to follow the story. Having said this, the story line is not complicated so you won't spend ages reading text on the screen. In a way, the subtitles actually add to the charm of the game.

The design of the different levels in the game is superb, and there is so much to explore as you play through the game. The beginning levels are fairly easy but they get more and more difficult as you progress through the game.

During the introduction to the story, the game starts with a tutorial section. The tutorial teaches you how to play the game, and lets you practice with the Wii controllers. As you play through the different levels in the game, Mario is faced with challenges and puzzles that need to be completed before you can move on to the next level.

The levels in the game are made up of different galaxies, planets and stars that each behave in their own unique way. Some have gravity and some don't, but all of them have traps just waiting to finish off poor Mario. As you move from galaxy to galaxy collecting power stars, you’ll get to explore all of these weird and wonderful places.


To add to the fun, Mario can use special powers by wearing different suits. There's a bee suit that lets Mario fly, a spring suit for jumping around, a boo suit for floating through walls, and a number of other suits with cool powers. These suits all work well and it's great fun using these powers.

Speaking of special powers, Super Mario Galaxy makes great use of both the Wii remote controller and the nunchuck controller. The nunchuck controls Mario's movements around the screen, while the Wii remote makes Mario perform actions by shaking it around and pointing it at the screen.

In previous Mario games, Mario takes out his enemies by jumping on them. In this episode, Mario takes them out by spinning into them with a shake of the Wii remote. You'll also get to ride a manta ray under water, tilting and turning the Wii remote to control the manta ray's movements.

Pointing the Wii controller at the screen lets you pick up star bits that you can use to shoot enemies. To shoot your enemies, simply point the Wii remote at an enemy on the screen and press the button to shoot star bits like bullets.

What I Didn't Love About This Game

There isn't much wrong with Super Mario Galaxy if I'm being honest. The game is perfect for all ages, and both kids and adults alike have fallen for the charm of these Mario games ever since the first one back in the 1980's.

The characters and the story are lovable, the animations and the music are 1st class, and the controls work really well.

My only gripe about the game is the way the camera moves around as Mario moves around the screen. This can be a little frustrating at first, especially when Mario walks on small round planets and the camera keeps turning to follow him. I found it frustrating that one moment I was controlling Mario from behind and then suddenly I had to control him from a totally different angle. You can easily reset the camera behind Mario by pressing the z button on the nunchuck controller, but it was something I had to get used to doing.

Super Mario Galaxy is easily one of the best games on the Wii and is extremely popular with gamers of all ages. With lots of levels to explore and great use of the Wii remote, this is one game that the whole family will love. Add this one to your collection, you won't be sorry.

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best games on the Wii. If this game isn't what you're looking for, you can find other games from the main Wii Games page.

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