How to Play Free Wii Flash Games
Through the Internet Channel

Wii flash games are web-based games that can be played on your Wii console using the Wii remote. These are fun, easy to play games, and are usually free.

These games aren't made by Nintendo, but are created by independent developers.

To play these free Wii games you'll need to go to a flash games website using the Wii's web browser (the web browser is called the Internet Channel). The Wii doesn't come with the web browser loaded on, and needs to be downloaded from the Wii Shop.

If you don't have the Wii Internet Channel installed yet, you can download it for free from the Wii Shop (learn more about the Wii Internet Channel, Wii Shop Channel and Wii Points).

From the Internet Channel, simply surf to any of the web site addresses listed below and choose from the hundreds of free Wii games. You won't need to download any software, you'll simply play directly on the website.

Wii flash games are a great way to pass the time, but you can read reviews of the best full feature games in the Wii Games section.

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