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The Nintendo Wii has turned out to be a very talented console for Wii sports games. The Wii's remote controller is perfect for recreating different types of tennis, golf and ice hockey shots, and it's not a stretch to say that the Wii really gives you the feeling of "being in the game".

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Wii Sports was the first sports game for the Wii, and comes bundled in the box with every console. Even though it's a short game that introduces new Wii owners to the brilliance of the Wii remote controller, it's arguably one of the finest Wii sports games around. Wii Sports tennis and golf are highly addictive, and I know a lot of people who ran out to buy their own console after playing these two games. The Boxing game on Wii Sports is both exhausting and exciting, and I'm sure is the inspiration behind many of the Wii fitness games that are so popular at the moment.

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Golf games have been extremely popular with sports fans since the early days of the PC, and Wii Sports Golf showed sports fans the real potential of the Wii remote for recreating a realistic golfing experience. Tiger Woods PGA Tour was the first golf game to take advantage of this potential with its first release shortly after the launch of the Wii console in 2006.

Even though the first Tiger Woods Wii game didn't get great reviews, every edition of the game since then has been better and better, with Tiger Woods Wii PGA Tour 10 scoring an awesome 9/10 in the Nintendo Wii Explained review. Golf on the Wii has now come of age with a highly realistic golfing experience, beautiful golf courses from around the world and online tournament competitions for the most hardened fans.

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Being such a popular recreation activity around the world, it's no surprise that tennis games have been so popular on the Wii. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis was an exclusive blockbuster release on the Wii, and is the only tennis video game to feature all four Grand Slam tournaments.

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis takes players on a journey to win all four Grand Slam titles and join an elite list of players to achieve this in their careers. The game features 27 past and present greats like John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Martina Navratilova, Bjorn Borg, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and the Williams sisters. The gameplay is pretty realistic and the controls work well, and the world's greatest tennis stadiums are all expertly recreated to provide tennis lovers with an immersive tennis experience.

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The FIFA Soccer video game series has enjoyed a renaissance over the last few years with football fans and critics alike heaping praise on the title. While FIFA Soccer on the other console platforms provides players with a deep football simulation game, the Wii version has undergone a number changes over the last few years, and some may argue that it's still trying to find its feet on the Wii console.

FIFA Soccer 10 and its animated player models bring an all-action arcade football game to soccer fans where scoring goals is name of the game. The Wii version of the game doesn't hang about with the slow continental style of football, but rewards players for getting at their opponents and unleashing shots at goal. This all-action approach makes FIFA's online mode one of the most exciting of all the sports video games, as online games turn into four-minute goal fests.

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Hockey fans aren't left out either on the Wii, with the maturing NHL 2K series. Like the Tiger Woods golf series, the NHL 2K series gets better and better every year, with NHL 2K10 delivering the best experience for Wii hockey fans yet! NHL 2K10 uses the Wii remote controller for stick control, and this year's arcade action and controls give hockey fans a truly fun game of hockey, with enough game modes to see fans through to the end of the live Stanley Cup Finals.

Whichever sport is your religion, the Wii console now delivers a highly entertaining sports experience that will satisfy the most fanatical of fans. Some Wii sports games create a more realistic sporting experience than others, but one thing that can't be denied, is that the Wii now provides a wide range of incredibly fun sports games that are accessible for everyone.

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