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The Nintendo Wii is the brilliant little video game system that has kids and adults, family and friends jumping around their living rooms with delight. With the Wii, having fun and bringing people together (while getting some exercise too) is the name of the game! If you've heard about the Wii and you're here to learn a little more, then come on in. Already own a Wii console and want to find games, accessories, or just learn how to get the most out of it?...You're in the right place too.

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The Wii system is designed for people who don't know a lot about video games, so fun is guaranteed!

Nintendo Wii Explained gives you the information you're looking for on all the zany features of the Nintendo Wii console, its games and accessories.

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All the information on this site is written in simple, non-technical language that's easy to understand. With so many websites dedicated to hardcore video gamers, it's often difficult to find information for newcomers and casual gamers that's easy to understand.

The Wii Console Features section is a great place to start. This section has bite-sized articles covering all the important features. The basic, everyday features like what comes included in the Nintendo Wii console box, the Wii mote controllers, how to take your Wii online, and the Wii Shop Channel are all there. You can also find information on more advanced features like downloading Wii Ware games and Wii Virtual Console games, and how to set up the perfect entertainment system for playing your Wii video games.

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If all of this is new to you, don't worry – after reading a few short snippets, you'll feel like an expert! All the features are highlighted for you, simply click on the ones you want to know about.

If you already own a Wii, and you're looking for the best games, accessories, prices and Wii news around, then the sections below are for you...

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  • The Wii games that are just right for you -- who the game is most suitable for, how many friends can play and the age rating (important if you're buying for kids!).

  • Wii accessories that bring friends and family together for a party every time you play. These range from the cool to the outrageous.

  • Tips to actually find a Nintendo Wii in stock. Stock levels of Wii consoles are very low in the US, while there is a shortage of the Wii Fit game around the world.

  • Buy Wii consoles, games and accessories in my new online Shop. I have a huge range of products at some of the cheapest prices, and the shop is powered by Amazon.

  • The latest Wii news on soon-to-be-released features, upcoming games, the zaniest accessories, and more.

Dynamite comes in small packages, so prepare for an explosion of fun and craziness!

The full list of sections on this site are listed below, so choose where you want to go and join in the fun...

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wii games

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