The Wii Mote Controller -
Putting You Right in the Middle of the Game!

Wii mote controller from different sides

The Wii mote is the main remote controller for the Nintendo Wii video games console. This controller has been specially designed to be really easy for anyone to pick up a Wii and play, even if you haven't played a lot of video games before.

Video games consoles have traditionally used controllers with lots of buttons scattered around the controller.

The latest XBox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles have seven buttons and two joysticks on their controllers. The games on these consoles need you to work with all of these buttons at the same time.

Nintendo has chosen to do something totally different though because the Wii console is designed for new and casual gamers, who haven't played video games before.

To help make games easy to play, the Wii remote controller only has 2 main buttons. Instead of pushing lots of buttons to perform actions on the Wii, you simply move the Wii remote around as if you are actually in the game.

Let me give you an example...

There are a few different tennis games for the Wii. In these tennis games, players swing the Wii mote like a tennis racquet to hit the ball on the screen. To start, you have to swing the remote controller like you're serving in a real tennis match. To hit the ball during the game, you swing the Wii controller using real tennis shots – the forehand, backhand and smash!

If you're playing a tennis game on the other video games consoles you would be pushing one button to serve, one button to hit a forehand, another button to hit a backhand, and so on...

wii remote controller

How Does the Wii Mote Work?

The Wii remote doesn't have any wires and doesn't plug into the Wii console. It uses wireless technologies called Bluetooth and infrared to tell the console and the video game what the player is doing with the controller. Both of these wireless technologies are safe and don't have any side effects on health. Infrared is what your TV remote control uses to change channels and bluetooth is used in mobile phones.

The Wii console comes with a small infrared sensor bar that sits on top of your TV and plugs into the Wii console. This sensor bar is what picks up the remote controller's movements when you play.

Because the Wii remote doesn't have any wires, it's easy to swing it around and move around the room while playing.

The Wii Mote is Also a Chameleon

I've told you about tennis racquets, but what other cool things can this remote controller be? Well, the list is pretty much endless...

Wii sports pack For sports games, there's a sports pack that has a plastic tennis racquet, golf club, and baseball bat. The Wii remote fits into these attachments and it's like playing with actual sports equipment.

For fighting games, you can buy replica plastic swords. You put the controller into the sword’s handle, and the game knows every swing of your sword. One of the most popular Wii accessories is the new Star Wars Light Sabre sword. The sword is a replica of the famous light sabres from the Star Wars movies. Plug your Wii mote into the light sabre and become a Jedi Knight!

Wii steering whell with wii mote

There are steering wheels to use with racing game favourites like Mario Kart Wii. Plug the remote controller into the steering wheel and use it to drive your car on the screen.

wireless guitar for the wii

Replica guitars for music games, guns for shooting games, boxing gloves for boxing games...for just about every type of game, there's a replica accessory to make your Wii remote controller feel like the real thing.

How Big is the Wii Remote?

The Wii remote is small in size and easily fits into a child's hand (it's only 6 in long and 1.5 in wide). It comes with a wrist strap that tightens securely around your wrist to stop the controller flying out your hand and through your expensive telly!

Nintendo also includes a free rubber cover for the Wii mote controller (called a jacket). This soft jacket helps to protect the controller if you drop it, and also softens any blows if someone gets too close to a swinging controller.

How Many Do I Get with My Wii Console?

The Wii console comes with one Wii mote controller and one nunchuck controller included. You'll use both controllers at the same time in a lot of Wii games.

If you're going to play with a few of your friends at the same time, you’ll need to buy an extra one of each controller. You can buy an extra Wii remote from any major online games or electronics retailer for around $39 in the US and £25 in the UK.

The Wii mote is a great little gadget that's incredibly fun to use. When you pick up the Wii mote, you'll see how special it feels to be the hero of the show.

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