Mario Kart Wii is a Winner!

Mario Kart Wii is one of the most popular games on the Wii console. With tons of exciting race tracks, all of the Mario characters available to play with, and the ability to race against players from all over the world, Mario Kart is simply a great game for people of all ages.

Mario Kart Wii

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This Game is Perfect For:
Younger Children, Teenagers, Families, Groups of Friends


Number of Players:
up to 4 at the same time

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Game Summary:
Mario Kart Wii is quite simply a whole lot of great fun. With fun Mario characters and a huge range of themed race tracks, kids and adults will have hours of fun racing against each other. The game comes bundled with a free steering wheel. Clip your Wii mote into the steering wheel and it's just like driving a car!

mario kart wii racing

What I Loved About This Game

Mario and his brother Luigi have been around for over 20 years, and are the undisputed kings of video games characters. Think of Mario as the Mickey Mouse of video games.

In Mario Kart Wii, Mario, Luigi and 22 of the most famous characters from past Mario games all race against each other to see who is the fastest in the Mushroom Kingdom.

You can choose from any one of these fun characters (everyone has a favourite!). If you do well enough in the races, you can also choose to race with your own personalised Mii.

There are 32 race tracks in Mario Kart Wii. Each race track is totally different, so it'll be hours before you've seen them all. The race tracks are really cool because they're nothing like traditional race tracks in other games.

The race tracks in Mario Kart each have a unique theme. You'll race in a shopping mall, a snowboarding track, a toad factory, and even a farmyard!

mario kart wii racingmario kart wii racing
Stunts during races adds to the thrillPrincess Peach ramps it up in style

To drive your car or motor bike you'll use the Wii mote controller as a steering wheel. The game comes bundled with a free plastic steering wheel. You'll clip your Wii mote into the steering wheel and turn it left and right to steer your car on the screen.

Mario Kart Wii also has a trick system. When jumping off ramps, shaking your steering wheel will get your character to perform tricks in the air. Each character has their own special tricks and performing these tricks helps you to zoom right past your opponents.

There are lots of different game modes in the game. Each mode has a different objective so it isn't the same old racing all the time.

Some of these game modes are...

  • Grand Prix mode. Race against 11 other computer controlled characters in 4 different cups. To add a bit of space to the races all competitors can collect weapons to use on their foes. These weapons aren't your usual guns and bombs but instead are liquid mushrooms, tortoise shells and banana skins.
  • Battle mode. Pop your opponents balloons and collect coins as you try to beat your opponents.
  • Time Trial. Race alone and try to complete the course in the fastest time possible!
  • Vs. Race against 11 other characters choosing your own settings and rules.
  • Mario Kart Wii also has an online racing mode through the internet. You can race against people from around the world using the Wii's free WiiConnect24 service. Up to 12 people can race against each other at the same time.

    Karts, Motorbikes and a whole lot of fun characters

    What I Didn't Love About This Game

    One of the frustrations with Mario Kart Wii is the weapons that suddenly knock you out of the race. You're doing well and you're beating the world, and suddenly some unexplained tortoise shell or lightning bolt strikes you out of the blue!

    Holes, walls and other drivers trying to knock you off the track are occupational hazards in a Mario game, but strange items that suddenly knock you off the track without warning can be a little annoying.

    The game's characters, cars and tracks are all super cute and they're perfect for children and teenagers, but if you're looking for a bit more adult fun, then Mario Kart Wii potentially won't keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end like some of the other Wii party, music or sports games will.

    Overall Recommendation

    Although Mario Kart Wii is a racing game, it's not designed to simulate real racing or driving. The name of the game here is FUN (and there's lots of it)!

    If you're looking to spend quality time playing a game with your family, or you're looking for a game to keep the kids occupied for a few hours at a time, then this game is perfect. This is one of the main reasons why it's on my list of Top 10 best Wii games to buy.

    For adults looking for a fun game to play on their own for a couple of hours at a time, or to play when a few friends come over, you won't go wrong with Mario Kart Wii. The game is light and entertaining and there's more than enough tracks, cars, motor bikes and characters to keep you excited.

    If you love cars and racing games, however, and you're looking for a game that gives you a real racing experience, then Mario Kart for Wii won't give you that experience. You might be better off looking at a game like Ferrari Challenge to get your speed thrills (need I say more!).

    With loads of different racing modes, funky characters, online play and sheer fun, Mario Kart Wii is one of the all time best games on the Wii, and is available now from Amazon (and for gamers in the UK).

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