Download Wii Ware Games
for Even More Fun!

Wii Ware are games that you can simply download directly onto your Wii console from the Wii Shop Channel.

These games are simpler than the normal Wii games you buy in the shops, so they're small enough to download. You don't need to trek all the way to the shops or wait for your game to be delivered in the post. Go straight to the Wii Shop Channel, and for a few Wii points these games can be yours.

If you've never used the Wii Shop Channel before, the Wii Shop is the place to buy and download Wii software directly onto your console.

The Wii Shop has two different types of games available, Virtual Console games and Wii Ware games.

Virtual Console games are remakes of the most popular games from previous Nintendo games consoles like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo 64. These are complete games that have been remade to work on the Wii, and are a little more expensive.

Ware games are unique mini-games made by smaller companies. These games take advantage of the Wii's motion controls, and are really easy to pick up and play without being complicated.

All games in the Wii Shop are priced in Wii Points. You'll first need to buy Wii Points before you can download any games from the Shop. Click here to find out more about buying Wii Points and using them to download games...

WiiWare games cost between 500 points and 1,500 points.

Next time you turn on your Wii, go into the Wii Shop Channel from the Main Menu. Spend some time browsing the games in the WiiWare section and choose something that tickles your fancy!

Wii Ware games are only one of the great features of the Wii console. Learn more from the Wii Console Explained page.

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