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I'm sure that like most of us, you're looking for that perfect Wii game, right?

I know how busy everyone is these days, so unlike most big video games websites, I only review Wii games that have received high scores from the games industry, or have received critical acclaim in the press.

Putting only the best Nintendo Wii reviews on my site helps save you loads of time and effort searching for that perfect game. If the game review is listed on this page, you're guaranteed it's worth looking into.

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Even with so many good games available (and with new games being released all the time), it still takes a lot of time to read all the reviews and decide which game to buy. But not here - all of my Nintendo Wii reviews have a short Video Game Summary block at the beginning of each review!

The blue Video Game Summary block lets you decide in 30 seconds if a game looks interesting. If it catches your eye, then continue reading the full review below the Summary block. If the game doesn't do it for you, simply return to this page and check out a different Wii game.

Here's what the 30-second Video Game Summary tells you about every game...

This Game is Perfect For:
Younger Children, Teenagers, The Whole Family, Groups of Friends, Beginners, Experienced Gamers, Sports Lovers, and more...

Adventure, Music, Puzzles, Action, Racing, Sports, Party, Mini-Games, Simulation, and more...

Number of Players:
How many people can play this game together – usually between 1 and 4 players

Age Rating:
To help you choose the most appropriate games for you and your family, every Video Game Summary includes the game's suggested age restriction (also known as the video game rating)

Tells you if you can play this game against other people online

FUN Factor:
A game may not have the best graphics or the best plot but this doesn't mean it ain't a whole lot of FUN! The Fun Factor score (out of 10) tells you how much fun this game is to play

Nintendo Wii Explained Score:
The Nintendo Wii Explained Score is the overall rating for the game (out of 10). The higher the score, the better the game! The NWE score takes into account the graphics, the controllers, the story line and the FUN Factor. This is the same way that critics rate a movie

Game Summary:
A few short lines about the game – enough to decide if you're interested in reading more or if it's time to move on

No matter what type of game you're looking for, my Nintendo Wii reviews give you an honest, independent review of each game.

If you're not sure where to start looking for games, simply go to one of my theme pages.

If you're looking for a specific game, then go to my complete list of Nintendo Wii reviews and click on a game to read the review...

Theme Pages

  • The 10 Best Games – If you're looking for the perfect game, then my Best Wii Games page is a great place to start. This is my personal list of the 10 best games around. Each game has a short description to help you choose your favourites.

  • Wii Sports Games - Nintendo Wii reviews of the best Wii sports games, no matter which sport or team you follow.

  • Wii Fitness Games - Reviews of the best Wii fitness games, and details of how to choose the right fitness game for you.

  • Lego Video Games – The Lego series takes famous action movies and re-creates them as video games where all the characters and levels in the game are made entirely from Lego! The Lego video games are a real smash hit with video game fans.

With so many great games on the Wii you're bound to find something that's just right, so jump into the Nintendo Wii reviews below and find the perfect Wii games for you!

Start by reading my list of the 10 Best Wii Games.

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