Wario Ware Smooth Moves Review

Wario Ware Smooth Moves is an anime style compilation of mini-games that is best described using one word - SMOOTH...okay, two words - REALLY SMOOTH!

wario ware smooth moves

It may look like a kids game at first but its wicked sense of humour, funky anime characters and bizarre use of the Wii remote controller make WW Smooth Moves a must play game for all age groups.

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Children, Teenagers, Adults, Party Play

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When biker tough guy Wario stumbles upon an ancient, mystical form baton (read: Wii remote controller) in Diamond City's Temple of Form, performing forms with the baton turns into a craze with all of Diamond City's lovable residents.

With every new character you meet, you'll have the challenge of completing a series of very short mini-games and boss battles by performing specific (and sometimes pointless but always hilarious) tasks with your Wii remote controller.

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What I Loved About This Game

Wario Ware Smooth Moves is a huge collection of very short mini-games (called microgames) that use the Wii remote controller in ways you would never have thought possible.

The basic story line takes place in Diamond City. When fun-loving biker Wario stumbles into the Temple of Form in Diamond City, he happens to find an ancient and mystical object known as the form baton. It is said that the owner of the form baton can perform special forms, or movements, with the baton. And this form baton (also known as the Wii remote controller) is the basis for all of the microgames in Wario Ware Smooth Moves.

The main game area is the Diamond City map, where you'll be introduced to the different characters that live in Diamond City. Clicking on a character in the map screen, will show you a cool anime video introduction of the character you have selected, after which you'll have a number of challenging microgames to complete in order to move on. Completing the full set of microgames and the Boss Battle will open up new characters for you to meet.

Whether it's Wario himself, Young Cricket and Master Mantis the karate experts, or disco king Jimmy T, you'll fall instantly in love with the characters of Diamond City.

If you really stop to think about it, each of the microgames are pretty pointless and each one only lasts 5 or so seconds, but the wicked sense of humour in each game, and the really stupid things you have to do with the Wii remote will have you laughing all the way through the game. Cleaning dirty plates, pushing another character over, and putting grandma's dentures back into her mouth are probably not what the purists at Nintendo had in mind when developing the Wii's motion sensor controls, but it's in the way that these games are presented, the great anime graphics and the oh so cool voice-over that will have you saying "just one more game".

Each microgame will require you to hold your Wii remote in a different position in order to complete the game successfully. Each position is called a "form", and some of these highly complex remote controller poses are the waiter, the handle bar, the chauffeur, the samurai, and the elephant. Before each microgame you'll be shown which pose to use so there's no guessing involved. When you're first introduced to each form, the oh-so-cool voice over will give you a brief introduction to the pose, and it's here that the game's sense of humour shines even brighter than other points in the game, so make sure you listen closely.

smooth moves

What I Didn't Love About This Game

About the only thing I didn't like about Wario Ware Smooth Moves is having to start each character's microgames from the beginning if you lose all your lives. You can fail to complete up to four microgames out of about 15 before you have to start again, so it's with a bit of a sigh that you lose your last life on game 14 and then have to start from the beginning. But with each game taking only 5 seconds of your time, it's really not an issue; I just needed something to write in this section of the review.

Overall Recommendation

Its crazy sense of humour, great anime characters and the sheer nuttiness of the microgames makes Wario Ware Smooth Moves a must play for every Wii owner young and old.

Add to this the great party play for you and your friends, and you have a game that will not only give you a barrel of laughs every time you play, but will also let you make a complete fool of yourself in front of your closest friends!

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