Metroid Prime Trilogy Preview -
3 "Perfect" Games on One Disc!

With the success of Metroid Prime 3 Corruption on the Wii, Nintendo is bringing all three games from the Prime series to the Wii in a single package, called Metroid Prime Trilogy.

metroid prime trilogy

The first two games in the series were originally released on Nintendo's Gamecube console to huge critical acclaim.

The first game of the Prime series was released in 2002 with a series of review ratings giving it a perfect "10". And just for good measure, it scooped Metacritic's Gamecube Game of the Year award too.

The game follows a space bounty hunter named Samus Aran as she fights her way across the vast planet Tallon IV. The game is a masterful blend of fighting action and puzzle solving as you explore Tallon IV in a quest to defeat the Space Pirates.

Although the new game had been a long time coming, with fans hanging onto the edge of their seats, it was worth the wait!

The game featured awesome graphics and special effects, responsive controls and great all-round gameplay. Looking back into the review archives it was a game that enchanted gamers with its minute attention to detail, like adding smoke after firing a gun and rain effects bouncing off objects. Most of these effects being seen for the first time in a game.

samus aran prime 2 echoes hud visor

In 2004 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was released to great anticipation – and it did not disappoint!

With a number of perfect "10"s to its name, it was a worthy sequel to the original game. In this second episode, Samus Aran is sent to rescue Galactic Federation Marines near the planet Aether. Unfortunately, Samus is too late and finds that the troops have been killed by a race from another dimension, called the Ing. To seek justice and destroy the Ing, Samus must travel across Aether, battling Space Pirates and her mysterious alter ego called Dark Samus.

Prime 2: Echoes brought more action and puzzle solving to fans, with many parts of the Aether planet needing to be unlocked before players could explore it in all of its artistic glory.

morph ball bounty hunter samus aran

With the release of the Wii console, the series was ready to make a gameplay leap with the addition of the Wii remote controller's motion sensor. Metroid Prime 3 Corruption was released in 2007 and used the remote controller and the Nunchuck to control Samus' movements and physical interaction with the game environment.

While first-person shooter games have not always been successful with only one joystick (like the Wii's Nunchuck controller), Corruption made great use of the Wii remote, enabling players to look around and interact with the environment by performing different actions with the Wiimote. With simple point and click functions controllling most of the features in the game, the control scheme was easy to use and worked seamlessly with the Nunchuck.

metroid prime 3 corruption hud visor

Following the success of the Wii's control scheme in Prime 3 Corruption, Nintendo has updated the first two games in the series, Prime and Prime 2: Echoes, for play with the Wii remote controller, with all three games being bundled together in Metroid Prime Trilogy.

The Wii's control scheme feels very natural and promises to bring a new dimension to the first two games in the series.

All three games on the Trilogy disc will play as completely separate games and are accessible from the main menu. This means you can play the games in any order you fancy, and without the need to complete one game in order to unlock the others. For those who get bored quickly, you can even play through all three games at the same time if you choose.

Perhaps the best news of all though, is that the three games in Prime Trilogy will cost you the same price as one regular Wii game, giving you three "near perfect 10" games for the price of one!

The game is due for release in North America on the 24th August 09, and the 4th September 09 in Europe.

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