Spore Hero Preview
Evolution Comes to the Wii

In the Spore games, you control a small creature on a faraway planet. Your job is to evolve into a bigger, stronger creature by completing quests and collecting better body parts. This really is a game of survival of the fittest!

The game was originally released on PC in 2008, and an all new exclusive version is coming to the Wii.

One of the most exciting parts of the original game was the creature creator, a tool that allowed the public to create their own creatures, and put them up on the internet for others to look at.

When the creature creator was released as a stand-alone program just prior to the release of the full Spore game, users created 1 million creatures within 6 days of launch. And 100 million user generated creatures were created in less than a year!

spore hero creature creator
The Creature Creator

Spore Hero for the Wii is an open world game which players are free to explore as they want. You begin life as a small organism with the goal of evolving into a larger creature capable of socialising with other creatures on the planet and defending yourself against enemies.

The Wii version promises to be a slightly different game to the PC version, and is looking to be more of a role playing game for casual gamers. Role playing games (or RPGs) are usually large open world environments with other inhabitants. Players are able to explore the open world in any way they choose and go wherever they want to.

Role playing games generally consist of a number of quests in which players have to interact with other inhabitants in their world to complete their quests. RPG games don't usually have a linear sequence of events, so the decisions you make as you explore the open world, directly affect how the game plays out.

Being friendly to an inhabitant you meet along the way might persuade him to give you the information you need to finish a quest, while being rude to inhabitants or fighting with them may stop you from completing quests.

creature fights
Fight!, Fight!, Fight!...

In Spore Hero, the game begins as you land on a new planet and hatch out of your egg, ready to take on the world. As you begin to explore your new home, you'll meet other mad-cap and eccentric creatures who live on the planet, choosing to interact socially with them by singing and playing together, or by fighting with them.

Many of these creatures will ask for your help in completing tasks for them. Completing these tasks successfully will earn you new body parts for your creature. As you add new body parts you'll evolve by getting bigger and gaining new abilities.

The game has over 250 body parts, like mouths, arms, legs and eyes, to collect, although you'll probably need to play through the game a few times to get them all!

creature interaction

Spore on the Wii is aimed at casual gamers with a light hearted story and lovable characters that you can fully customise yourself.

The game will include a fully functional creature creator, with the ability to create creatures in any shape and size your mind can imagine – and some that it can't!

Some of the zany creations to emerge from the creature creator include creatures that look like animals, cars, game controllers and even...creatures.

Spore Hero for the Wii is due for release in North America and PAL regions (Europe, Asia, Australasia) in Autumn 2009.

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