The Ultimate Wii Gun Collection
For Your Favourite Shooting Games

A Wii gun is a plastic shell designed to make your shooting games as realistic as possible. These guns are a simple idea. You clip your Wii mote controller into the top of the gun (facing forward towards the TV). Pulling the gun's trigger pushes the B button on the Wii mote, letting you shoot bad guys in the game.

A number of companies have taken this simple idea and created some seriously cool guns. They've created pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and even laser sights for aiming (just like the pros)!

Here is a pick of what I think are the best Wii guns out there.

Have a look at these ones first, they're easy to use and they work really well (and they have good reviews from other users too).

Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training

Wii gunThe Wii Zapper (sometimes also known as the Wii Blaster) is a great gun that comes with a training game called Link's Crossbow Training.

The aim of Link's Crossbow Training is to teach you how to aim your gun at the screen, move your aim around the screen and shoot targets.

The Wii mote controller clips onto the top of the Wii Zapper and faces towards the screen. The nunchuck controller clips onto the back of the handle and lets you move the joystick around with your thumb while holding the gun and shooting.

The Wii Zapper is made by Nintendo, and has a great space-age look. This is probably the most popular Wii gun at the moment, so it's definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Wii Perfect Shot

Wii perfect shotThe Wii Perfect Shot is a pistol that looks and feels great. The Wii mote controller clips onto the top of the gun. Unlike the Wii Zapper, though, there's no space for the nunchuck controller to clip onto the gun, so you'll have to hold the nunchuck in your other hand. This really isn't a problem because the gun is fairly small and it's easy to hold in one hand.

The bottom of the handle has a connector for plugging in your nunchuck or Wii classic controller, so the wires don't get in the way when you're blasting the bad guys. The gun has good aim and works well with most shooting games on the Wii.

The trigger on this gun also has a spring that lets you pull the trigger quicker when you have to rapid fire. The downside of this is that the spring can make your fingers tired when you're playing for long periods of time.

All-in-all the Wii Perfect Shot is an easy to use gun that's fun to play with and has some great reviews from users on Amazon, and other game sites.

Wii Shot Gun

Wii Shot Gun

The Wii Shot Gun is a serious piece of equipment!

This shotgun is almost the same size as a real shotgun, and is solid and heavy. With this baby in your hands, you'll feel like you can take on the world. Thankfully though, it's made of white plastic so it's easy to see that it isn't a real gun.

Like the Wii Zapper, the Wii mote clips onto the top of the gun and the nunchuck clips into the back of the gun. This lets you hold the gun with two hands and control the nunchuck's joystick with your thumb.

The shot gun also has a laser sight for aiming. Pressing a button under the trigger activates the laser beam showing a red dot on your target (just like in all the best action movies!). Aim the gun so that the red laser dot is on your target, and blast away.

Another nifty feature of the shotgun is the removable handle. And what does taking off the handle do, you askÔÇŽit makes it look like a sawn off shotgun right out of the Terminator movies! Useless but great fun :o)

Two drawbacks of the shotgun are its weight and the stiff trigger that can be a bit hard to pull. The shotgun is more suitable for older players because of these two things. Younger players might get tired quickly using this Wii gun, and it takes away from the fun if you have to stop playing after only a short while.

For more grown up kids like me though, who hasn't dreamed of shooting bad guys with a toy shotgun while shouting "I'll be back"?

EZ Shot Pistol

Wii EZ GunThe EZ Shot is another futuristic looking Wii gun with great looks and cool features.

Like the other guns, the Wii mote clips into the top of the gun and the nunchuck clips into the back of the gun.

The space age look is actually designed to give you easy access to all the buttons on the Wii mote and nunchuck.

The version available in the UK has a laser sight to make aiming easier. Move the red laser dot onto your target and shoot. The US version of this gun is almost the same except it doesn't have the laser sight.

The EZ Shot is a strong, sturdy gun that's perfect for shooting bad guys. It looks great and will give you hours of fun with most Wii shooting games.

Logic 3 Wii Machine Gun

Wii machine gunAbout the only thing missing from our Wii gun collection is a machine gun!

The Logic machine gun looks like the famous Uzi machine gun, and both the Wii mote and nunchuck controllers clip into the gun.

In addition to its good looks, the Logic gun has a realistic trigger that clicks every time you pull it. Some people love it and others find it completely annoying, but it's designed to add to the realism of the gun.

The Wii machine gun is a funky piece of kit and is worth looking at for anyone who's dreamed of blowing away baddies and zombies like a real war hero.

These are my choices of the best Wii guns available.

If none of these tickle your fancy, there are lots more to choose from at Amazon, Best Buy and GAME. These are all well known online retailers with good products, decent customer service, and some of the lowest prices around.

Looking for something in addition to a Wii gun? My Wii Accessories page will help you find the best accessories for your console.

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