A Wii LAN Adapter Connects You to the Internet If You Don't Have Wi-Fi Wireless Internet

The Wii LAN Adapter lets you connect your Wii console to the internet using a cable instead of Wi-Fi.

When you buy the Wii, it comes with built in Wi-Fi that lets you connect to the internet using a wireless network.

The Wii doesn't come with anything that lets you connect to the internet using a cable though. So if you don't have a wireless network, you'll need to buy a LAN Adapter if you want to go online with your Wii.

Unfortunately, you can't use any generic LAN adapter that's made for a computer. You'll need to get an adapter that's made specifically for the Wii. The Wii adapter has a USB connection that plugs into the USB ports on the back of the Wii console.

Like most Wii accessories, you can choose to buy the official Wii LAN Adapter that's made by Nintendo or you can buy a LAN Adapter that's made by a 3rd party company.

Official Nintendo LAN Adapter

Wii LAN cableThe official Nintendo LAN Adapter is more expensive than the 3rd party adapter, and doesn't come with a LAN cable included. This means you'll need to buy a LAN cable separately to connect up the LAN Adapter to your router. The LAN cable connects your internet router to the LAN Adapter and completes the wired connection process.

If you choose to buy the official Nintendo adapter, then the cheapest option for buying a LAN cable is through eBay. eBay has tons of them on sale at really good prices. As a tip, it's worth asking the seller to confirm that the cable will work with your Wii before buying or bidding.

In the US, the official LAN Adapter is only available directly from the Nintendo website. In the UK, you can buy the official Nintendo LAN Adapter at all the good online retailers like Play.com and Amazon.

3rd Party Wii LAN Adapter

One of the best 3rd party LAN Adapters is made by Datel. Although it costs the same as the official Nintendo LAN Adapter it comes with a free 6 foot LAN cable.

Almost all 3rd party LAN adapters come with a LAN cable, so it saves the hassle of buying the cable separately.

The Datel LAN cable is available at a good price from Amazon. It's got good ratings from users and with a LAN cable included, is really convenient and a good overall package.

Datel LAN packaging

If you don't have a router (either wired or wireless), then you'll need to read on because you can't use a Wii LAN Adapter to connect to the internet...

If you connect your computer to the internet directly through a broadband modem, and you don't have a router, then you'll have to connect to the internet using a USB Wi-Fi connector.

The official Nintendo Wii USB Wi-Fi Connector has been discontinued in the US so you'll need to purchase a 3rd party connector. Datel also makes a USB Wi-Fi Max connector but it hasn't had great reviews. It's worth doing a search on Amazon to find a wi-fi connector with good reviews and a better price!

The official Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Connector is still available in the UK from Play.com and Amazon. It's got great user reviews so it's worth spending a little more money and getting a good quality internet connection.

Wii LAN cable

With all of these LAN and Wi-Fi accessories available, it's easy to take your Wii online if you don't have wireless internet. Choose either the Wii LAN Adapter or the USB Wi-Fi Connector depending on your circumstances, and take your Wii cruising on the internet super highway!

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