The Wii Sensor Bar Makes the Wii Experience Possible

Wii sensor barThe Wii sensor bar is a really important part of the Wii console because it makes the wireless remote controllers work so well.

The sensor bar helps the Wii console capture every movement of the remote controller. This is what turns your movements with the remote controller into actions on the screen.

The sensor bar comes included in the box when you buy the Wii console. The sensor bar comes with a strip of tape and sticks to either the top of your TV or onto your television stand.

The sensor bar is really thin and flat and is hardly noticeable sitting on top of your telly. When sticking the sensor bar onto your TV or TV stand, align it with the centre of the TV screen. Make sure the sensor bar isn't being blocked by any other objects because it needs to "see" the Wii remote all the time to pick up its movements.

A thin cable runs from the sensor bar and plugs directly into the Wii console. This cable is about 11ft long so you don't have to keep the Wii console right next to your TV.

If you don't like wires all over the place, you can now buy a Wii wireless sensor bar. As the name says, the wireless sensor bar doesn't have the long, thin wire and doesn't plug into the console, instead it runs on batteries.

The Wii wireless sensor bar doesn't come as part of the Wii console package and you'll need to buy this separately if you want to go wireless. Reports on the preformance of the wireless sensor bars are mixed though, so unless you really hate wires, I would suggest sticking to the sensor bar that comes packaged in the box, it works fine.

Unlike the Wii controllers you only need one Wii sensor bar, so unless you want to go wireless you shouldn't need to buy any extras.

The Wii sensor bar is one part of the Wii experience, learn more about the Wii console in the Wii Explained section